Here is a quick presentation from the Albanian church planters in Vienna, Austria.

Adriatik and Eda Toska

We know each other more than 25 years now, since we were in the school. Married 12 years ago and blessed with three children!
We both come from Albania, from city of Patos located in Fier. As it is in life, different ways led us to Vienna. First Adriatik moved to Austria to continue his studies in Computer Science at Technical Univiersity of Vienna. In the meantime, Eda finished her studies in social sciences in Italy!
Since settling the family in Vienna, we both serve in the Mennonite Church in different ways.
We always had in our hearts the strong wish to serve Albanian people in Vienna but only in 2015, God showed us unambiguously that we have to start the work. Therefore, in winter 2015 we started the first meeting inviting all our friends. In the beginning, we met twice a month but now we changed to every 2 weeks. We have a strong focus: helping students starting up in Vienna and strengthening the believers with the Word.
Our group is called “Rruga e Paqes Vjene” (“Way of Peace Vienna”)!
The size of the group varies, but generally, we are approximately 5-8 people. Most of us are already believers, and normally attending other churches.

In Austria live approximately 34 000 Albanian speaking people. ~11 000 of them, live in Vienna! We do not know exactly how many of them are already believers.

Prayer points:
– God will open up Albanian hearts to His message
– God will give us opportunities to share our faith

Adriatik and Eda Toska
Stuwerstrasse 27A/1/6
1020 Vienna