Start an Albanian ministry in your city

Do you know that Albanians are spread almost at every city? There are cities that have a lot in visible groups. Please contact us to offer available information regarding Albanians in your area.

If you know Albanians in your area would you be helpful and let us know about them. We need to reach them, specially if you have a language barrier with Albanians or them with English.

There are some church plants in North America reaching Albanians specifically, as well other established churches who are willing to start new ministries towards Albanians. Whatever God puts in your heart is fantastic.

We can offer you advice and insight how to start the ministry and if you don;t have any Albanian christian we can help reaching the Man/Woman of Peace where you can start building the ministry. Let us know what is in your heart and we will support you in the journey. Thank you for loving Albanians!


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