Almost every immigrant have access of a computer and internet. They need it as everyone else as a window of information on what is happening in their motherland or in the midst of Albanians around the globe. It’s  a great opportunity to connect, share and bless. We are aware that not every terrestrial Albanian ministry is doing it, we believe that currently it is one of the most effective ways to reach unbelievers, answer questions to seekers, connect and support young believers and encourage the rest.

We have started a website translated God Speaks Albanian, with a purpose to open conversations in a easy style, like having someone in the front of you having coffee. This website is a bit different from some others because is not loaded with bible verses and quotations. We want to create a space where people can read without being bombarded with bible study documentations. They are great, but when a person shows interest and want proof from the book. We are building a site where all possible questions mostly from an atheistic viewpoint are answered, leaving the reader still hungry for more. We want to open conversations so we are offering the possibility for the reader to contact and talk with one of us. The website is aimed to reach Albanians worldwide.

The Albanian church in Toronto has now its website and is serving intentionally to Albanians in North America and Europe. The majority of readers are still in Balkans, but we can see that the diaspora readers are increasing in numbers. It serves as a online presentation of an Albanian church, having in mind that in the future other church plants might be interested to partner with us, using this website as their church website too. Testimonies, sermons and other bible based teaching will educate their minds and increase their hunger for the truth. Reaching Albanians at the comfort of their home or in their mobile phones, eventually will increase the chances to meet them.

Both websites are in Albanian. Please consider helping us to improve both websites with quality and content.

We are using Facebook pages to increase the the visibility of what we do and think and is a great tool. If you want to be updated on the Albanian ministry in English please join the Albanian Outreach Facebook page.

If you want to follow Endrit on twitter please find him @BrotherEndrit or his personal blog at

We appreciate your prayers, practical support and financial help. Online we can reach those people that maybe none will meet in 50 years. We will meet Muslims, Atheists, nominal Christians and the rest. Help us to extend our arm of love towards them.


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