Unrecognized by the church, but reconciled with God

This week the husband of my childhood neighbor died. I haven’t seen them at least in person in 15 years. We are in the same age range at the forties. The man, I learned later, has been very sick for almost two years. All I was able to see were those photos that his wife, posted continually on Facebook about their life in one of the European countries where they had settled maybe for 2 decades. As with everyone who leaves this life, I worry about their state in the spiritual journey.

But yesterday, I got good news. A common friend of ours told me that fortunately the deceased had accepted Christ in his life and many times has gone to a local church in his city. None of us, the Albanian church leaders knew that. For us he was someone out of reach, unless he reads what we write online. But God had reached him there. I’m looking to hear more about his story as I’m able to connect with his widow. But today, I want to encourage everyone to keep sowing seeds, keep praying and keep believing that God can save and that might not be in our book of “salvations”, but it is on HIS.


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