Toronto is our base mission. The current focus of the ministry is to establish the Albanian Evangelical Church in Toronto. The church started services in October 2012 and has been growing reaching Albanians in Toronto and beyond. Currently the church does public services at 826 Eglinton Ave E  at the Trinity Grace Church  building. All believers are immigrants who have left Albania for a better life and GOD found them there.

The church is reaching the community one by one, building trust and confidence that this church is looking to offer them good news. God has spoken. He wants a CREDIBLE CHURCH. Not just a gathering, not a project, not a weekly event.

We meet every week on Sunday evening – once a month for a service where worship and preaching has the main focus and the others weeks as a bible study. The service has three purposes: to build the family of believers, to keep the evangelistic zeal within believers and to engage church members to invite seekers and visitors. We believe that our focus is not to have meetings, but to use meetings as a tool to reach unbelievers and to build spiritually those who believe.

We are looking for partners in the outreach. Keep us in your prayers on these and if interested to help, let us know.  Send an email at if you want to receive more current updates and hear directly from the leader of this work. We need you!


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