We connect

We connect Albanians who have an interest or already decided to follow Jesus to a local fellowship that could take care locally for the individual or the family. Our tendence is to have Albanians Christian groups in every city in North America and Europe where Albanians live. When the group doesn’t exists then we connect the individual with a Bible-Believing church near them, always with an intention for a future Albanian group. To have a group, needs a leader and from every believer we believe a leader can be formed. So we see the first Albanian as a possible christian catalizator in reaching the Albanian community.

We connect Albanians who move from one place to another and are looking for another Albanian christian group nearby. This can’t be made possible without the help of current churches specifically those in Albania and Kosovo. If you are a pastor or church leader please contact us to dicuss how it is the best way to network. Practically we help when a believer in your church leaves your city or country and you don;t want to see him/her without a good church contact. On the other side if someone comes to live nearby your church we can connect you together. We don;t have the priviledge to let any of the sheep alone while a lot of time, prayer and tears have been invested on their behalf. When a believer migrates it is not easy to settle and find other Christian Albanians. But we can help, by planning better.

Are you a pastor with an Albanian congregation that would like to be connected with us? Send an email at endrit@jesusnetwork.ca


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