We Pray

We pray consistenly for all Albanians in general and specifically for known areas where the Gospel need to reach them. We are using an interactive map to see where Albanians live and if it is any church or ministry reaching them. We pray for requests we receive from our contacts. We depend a lot on our praying volunteers who want to see revival within the Albanian community.

Our prayer supporters receive updates on the continual needs and when an emergency rises. Our prayer supporters are Christians who pray for our ministry and Albanians while they are involved in other areas of ministry in their churches. So you don;t need to do an unusual effort to commit to pray for Albanian Outreach, you can add it to your normal prayer life in your privacy or with other likeminded Christians.

Join the movement today to see every Albanian reached with the Gospel, changed by God’s power and transformed to a disciple. Let us know today and we will give you more information.

If you are interested to join the prayer team, let us know and we will joyfully have you in our team.


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