We Disciple

We Disciple & Train Albanians who have made a desicion to believe Christ and follow His instruction in the Bible.

This is made possible through Correspondence Bible School, One to one regular conversations and Mentorship.

Correspondence Bible School is in Albanian and offer to a seeker enough information to allow them to make a decision for Christ. We use the social media and web ads to advertise in the Albanian world. Everyone who enrolls in the school will receive one by one lessons by email or a website link. Wherever is possible we mail the lesson with the questionaire. The next lesson is received when the previous one is submitted.

One to one regular conversations are done in a confidentail place either onsite or online, creating an environment of trust between Christian mentors and those who are looking for spiritual growth. These conversation are crucial to help every new christian or a seeker to develop the trust in the word of God and other fellow christians. We use the technology to reach people in distance who couldn’t be met in person. Christian mentors are carefully selected based on the credibility and ability they have to help those who have questions or need a real Christian friend. They go through a careful selection and will be assigned their mentees based on time availability, gender, age appropiate, common location (this is important if the online conversation will lead to a face to face meeting).

Mentorship will use the conversations but will be offered to those who really need extended help in their walk with Christ. Sometimes mentors will be paired with mentees who have the same profession, this will be helpful if the mentee needs also help in the professional level. This is case by case.

Wherever is possible we advise the individual to join a bible believing church nearby, without leaving full responsibility to the new group.


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