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There is a vacuum regarding what can be done to impact the Albanians with the good news of Jesus Christ. The most important project is starting new churches as the most effective way to reach groups and make disciples. Currently, we are in process of establishing the Albanian Church in Toronto and preparing for work at other areas in Ontario.

On the other side, we are aware that we are working with a community that not only doesn’t have a Christian background but has received bad advertising about the church and those who are representing it. There are many who never heard the real Gospel and will not listen to it until it comes from a credible source.

We are looking for practical ways to be credible with strangers and to bless them. We have done some assessment on the current needs regarding the Albanian community. We are working towards these projects that will bring God’s kingdom at each need:

  • Project 000 CWS

Christian Workers Sponsorships. In certain countries, one dollar has more impact than in others, netherless our workers need support to continue serving without the need to do a side job. When a full-support is not yet reached some of our workers will do part-time and seasonal jobs to have their needs met. Can you consider sponsoring one of them?

  • Project 001GSA.

 God Speaks Albanian website. This site offers materials in Albanian aiming the Agnostics and Atheists who are participating in a “make sense” conversation. Additionally, we are working on information that will help those who see themselves as part of other faith expressions to test what they believe.Children Outreach.

  • Project 002AM.

Albanian Music Ministry. Endrit is composing new songs with a message for our generation and have a friendly musical tone to Albanians. Additionally we are partnering with Worship ministries in Albania to promote this type of music to Christians and everyone else.

  • Project 003WIC.

Welcome in Canada. As new families and individuals come with hopes in the new land, we are welcoming them offering information, encouragement and prayers. We are looking to establish a one-stop centre where Albanians could find this information easily and to offer connections based on the needs and opportunities.We are looking to establish a daily centre to offer walk-in and online support to refugees and new immigrants.

  • Project 004DCGS.

Divorce Care and Grief Share. Both programs will help Albanians who go through these situations alone as either they don’t have trusted family or friends or the shame or pain is too much to be shared with a stranger.

  • Project 005AR.

Albanian Radio. We are working on making possible an 24/7 online radio. We will host good Albanian preachers, good Albanian music and audio Bible.

  • Project 006 ITJ.

Intro to Jesus. A four-session course designed to offer information, clarify doubts and answer sincere questions regarding the faith.

  • Project 007 PFM

Preparation for Marriage. This is a course that offered to individuals and couples in community who are thinking and preparing to get married. The course is offered to couples who already are married legally, but never have gone through a Marriage course and marriage before the Lord.

  • Project 008 CBS

Correspondence Bible Study for Albanians outside our physical reach all over the world. The study will help students to know God and Christian faith and have solid foundations for life and ministry.

Can you consider sponsoring one of the projects? Can you organize people in your church to partner with us in one of these crucial projects?  Write to us mentioning which project you are interested supporting.



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