Blessed Leftovers

40-dog-crumbs-tableDo you remember the story when the woman was asking Jesus to heal her daughter? And Jesus compared her request like a dog who is asking for food in the wrong place. Her humble answer humbles me everytime I read: “even dogs eat the leftover crumbs under the table”.

The hungry, the needy and those who don’t have enough have the chance to be more thankful than those who always have had what they needed.

Lately, I received news that some materials left from a church plant that is not continuing anymore were available. I was first at the site and was able to pick a camcorder, a box full with children materials and a wooden street sign. I’m thankful specially for the camcorder as we have started recording our services.

They looked like leftover crumbs for someone else, but for our ministry was a bountiful meal. Friends, what you don’t need anymore could be the answer of the prayers for some saints somewhere else. That’s how the family of God would not have anymore needs.


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