Blessed Leftovers

Do you remember the story when the woman was asking Jesus to heal her daughter? And Jesus compared her request like a dog who is asking for food in the wrong place. Her humble answer humbles me everytime I read: “even dogs eat the leftover crumbs under the table”. The hungry, the needy and those … More Blessed Leftovers

Is it Flawed Evangelism and Church Planting ?

I came across this interesting article where some case studies were presented. I took only the Albanian story as it is below. Please comment your thoughts. “Albania: A case story from the 1990s. A young Albanian woman training at the Los Angeles Intercultural Urban Internship told me that Albanians see religion, including Christianity, as political and manipulative. … More Is it Flawed Evangelism and Church Planting ?

Looking for friends

It has been some months since I begun searching on Albanian organizations in North America. Surely my main focus have been the religious ones. I’ve searched how they have started and who have been the ones involved while nothing concrete was laid, just dreams and plans. I’ve have written earlier that the first mosque in … More Looking for friends