What we do

We Pray consistenly for all Albanians in general and specifically for known areas where the Gospel need to reach them. We are using an interactive map to see where Albanians live and if it is any church or ministry reaching them. We pray for requests we receive from our contacts. We depend a lot on our praying volunteers who want to see revival within the Albanian community. If you want to join the group of Volunteers who pray click here.

We Preach the Gospel and let the Word of God work in the hearts of the listeners. We do that using casual meeting places, campaigns, online sites and church meetings. We are not waiting for people to come at our meetings, we go where they are. We are looking for new ways to reach unreached groups because we believe that God is an awesome God opening new doors and inventing new methods to adapt with the new realities in reaching the lost. If you live in a neighborhood that has Albanians and want to start a ministry to reach them let us know. You don’t need to be an Albanian to reach Albanians. Just a heart to be used by God.

We Disciple & Train Albanians who have made a desicion to believe Christ and follow His instruction in the Bible. This is made possible through Correspondence Bible School, One to one regular conversations and Mentorship. Conversations are done in a confidentail place either onsite or online, creating an environment of trust between Christian mentors and those who are looking for spiritual growth.

We connect Albanians who have an interest or already decided to follow Jesus to a local fellowship that could take care locally for the individual or the family. Our tendence is to have Albanians Christian groups in every city in North America and Europe where Albanians live. When the group doesn’t exists then we connect the individual with a Bible-Believing church near them, always with an intention for a future Albanian group. To have a group, needs a leader and from every believer we believe a leader can be formed.


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