Looking for friends

It has been some months since I begun searching on Albanian organizations in North America. Surely my main focus have been the religious ones. I’ve searched how they have started and who have been the ones involved while nothing concrete was laid, just dreams and plans. I’ve have written earlier that the first mosque in Toronto was build by Albanians in the 50′

I read about similar groups in United Stated Waterbury (CT), Harper Woods (MI)Carrollton (TX)Staten Island (NY)Berkeley (IL), Wolcott, CT. Some of these groups are registered as “pure” Islamic or Muslim organizations and others registered a cultural Albanian centers but they operate as a spiritual center.

What made me to think was that those who started organizing and building these networks and later having buildings were those who thought  to bring together Albanians in the name of Islam as a great cause. Made me to think how we can have more friends committed to the Albanian Outreach. If those friends are not yet in the midst of Albanians, can they be non-Albanians who love Albanians so much to be committed without the need to go as a missionary in Albania.

So I am praying for non-Albanian friends who will come along helping this new house to be build properly and on time. Can you join me in this prayer?


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