I spoke to him in a dream

Yesterday I had two great meetings one in the morning and the other later in the evening. In the morning I met two ladies who visited us for the first time at the Albanian Diaspora Forum event in August this year. They have been in Canada for many years and never heard for an Albanian service. One of them a restaurant owner has shared with her Albanian staff that an Albanian church existed and she explained that people were happy to hear that. They asked the church to put TV spots at the Albanian weekly program that reaches Albanians in GTA. Something to think about, considering the cost associated with the spot. The other lady was baptized 20 years ago in Albania, but hadn’t any church interaction while living in Canada. Both they were happy to participate at church activities, although service times  were not best for them.

In afternoon I met a young man who had visited two years ago our small group, he got a Bible and promised to be back. He was a refugee, a contact from Adams house. Then he was not replying anymore to my emails, messages and calls. I figured out that he was not interested so we just kept praying for him. Last month I’ve got a message from him, while he was looking for a trusted person to talk to. He couldn’t find anyone, but me, even I met him only twice. We had a nice chat and than days later he told me about a dream where I spoke to him: “‘I’m praying for you as you asked, but don’t forget that Jesus shed his blood for us”. The dream was so real for him and he wanted desperately to meet me. As he lives on the other side of Toronto, it is not always easy for me to be quick on meeting everyone. But we met yesterday and he shared so many little signs that have pointed him to search God and surrender Him with all his heart. In his misery, God has touched him in a way that I haven’t heard before. He was so happy that when we met, we didn’t exchange any  greeting, but he jumped directly to what had happened to him. He shared so many stories that made me think – God you are so awesome. Can you pray for this man with initials E.D as he is exploriing what is faith in Jesus and enjoying those experiences?

Can you pray for this ministry to be able to connect with so many lost souls in Greater Toronto Area and beyond? Your partnership is priceless.


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