So difficult to find a place to meet

I’m in a season that I need to trust GOD more. Sometimes I struggle with the idea that I need to do almost everything, but my wife just reminded me today that if the Lord is not building with you, I’m building in vain. And she added a statement done years ago by our best friend and pastor Tomor that “we can do the work of the Lord in the spirit, but we can do it also in the flesh”

I’m in the crossroad. I believe that I need to have a place other than my tiny apartment to gather people, but until now only declined requests.
I need a place near the community I’m reaching, not 50 miles away. Now even Toronto District School Board is increasing the rent for churches in their facilities.
So secular groups are incresing the rent to the new churches. Old churches has no places for the new ones. Is it the time to reconsider church gathering model? Do we have a model that suits all the unreached and lonely God-seekers?

God give me strength and new ideas.
God give me people who care about others outside their responsibility.

Thank you God.


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