looking for seeds in Albanian hearts

We are looking to build an army. Yes! An army with broken people, lonely people, educated or not, professional or not, miserable or lovely, who speak barely any language well or speak more than 3 fluently. Yes we are in the process of recruiting soldiers for the King. Soldiers who will go through training to be prepared for fierce battles. Soldiers who have tested the goodness of God in the land of the living and want to bring others in the valley. 

When we started this journey in our hearts have one prayer: to find people where God is working, where seeds have been planted. When we saw in the begining the Albanian community we saw individualistic professionals who were telling us that all you need is work and patience. We met uneducated people who use brutal language abut their lives and others. We met grandfathers who were split in two, between the desire to stay with the immigrant kids and grandkids or go back in Albania where they feel home. But we begun looking beyond what they told us. We saw a need for real love, real help, real community. We knew that only in Jesus that was possible. 

We are looking in the dark with the lamp of His Spirit, trusting that the next person we meet is another one who is looking for answers. We know that they are there.

Can you help us with your lamp?

Can you pray that Albanians who have Gods seeds in their hearts to be in contact with us? Can you do that with us? We need people who are praying for this special harvest in the field of the Father.

Help us to find those people with God’s seed in them. Bless you! 


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