A thankful God

On April 16 many citizens, first responders, paramedics and emergency medical dispatchers were honoured for their contributions to saving lives in Toronto. The annual awards ceremony, hosted by Toronto Emergency Medical Services Chief honoured 49 people for bravery and merit in helping others. EMS hosts the awards every spring to recognize actions that contributed to saving lives in Toronto.

Some days ago one passerby helped one lady who had a cardiac attack offering first help until ambulance arrived. I am so thankful to everyone who is helping saving lives in Toronto, either paid professionals or random unknown people who happened to be on the right time next to a person in need.

Thankfulness is a quality installed by God within us for every good deed.

Do you know that God is a thankful God?

Yes He is. He will tell to his servants “Well done, good and faithful servant”. I love to hear this from my God and I suppose you too.

He will thank us for being partakers as His hands, His feet and His mouth in our daily life.

The awards’ day is coming. So invest today unto others from the life He gave you. Freely received, freely give away. Let’s help someone today!


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