RAID (Reaching Albanians in Diaspora) is using this page to connect with other concerned Christians who want to reach all Albanians for Christ. Jesus said go and preach, but what happens when they leave Albania before you preach to them, or they didn’t get the right message? Sometimes those Albanians are at another concern church/christian zone area, but chances are they have no better chance to be reached except through a fellow Albanian.

Until Hudson Taylor had the heart to love enough the Chinese people and go and reach them for Christ, most of Christians were not concerned about what lies outside their nieghborhood.
Now we live in a global village but having individual distinctive as ethnic groups. We can reach those next to our house and those 7 hours flight afar. We need to think outside the box and reach over 7 million Albanians who still breathe in our planet. Love always makes a way! Join us in this journey and the reward surely will be yours.


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