The love compels me to go

When Paul wrote that love compels I didn’t understood as in this time. I’m living in a city where the need for the Gospel (the real one) is real but unseen by religion. I live in a time where all immigrants are coming in Canada for a better life, all is about personal improvement to have a better place to live, a better paid job, …something better. On the other side I see my weaknesses I haven’t seen when I started to serve in God’s kingdom. Am I still qualified to serve my King? If yes, in what role? When I was a young christian, I preached in the streets and church meetings, lead worship, small groups etc etc. Now after many years of brokenness and understanding that unchurched people need to meet people who know God, I still struggle with the idea how God can use me in this time in this place. I love God, I love people. That’s all I have now, nothing more, nothing less.

People are coming in my life one by one and none knows about them. No newsletters written about them, I’m not in the bussiness of fundraising, but in the process of soul-winning and discipling those enlightened.
 Pray for me!


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