Go and preach the Gospel
Go and make disciples
Go and heal the sick
Go and cast out demons

It’s so different that staying. In my experience nothing has happened while I have been staying. Staying doesn’t mean praying, searching, studying – does mean not doing what you are supposed to do. I believe in predestination, but not in the way that makes people pasive. God directs the steps of the righteous, but we need to take the steps. SOmebody said – she ship can be directed when it sails inopen sea, not standing in the dock. You can have the best ship and crew, but if you never leave the dock, it useless – it is a museum where people come to see the glorious past history.

Go, Go, Go

Do we understand this word? Is better moving when you are 50% sure than not moving when you are 50% sure. God will bless the intention, even when the outcome is not completely succesful.

Go, Go, Go

When believers had the good news at the fist century times, they went and preached the Gospel. God was with them when they went.

Go, Go, Go

Go to your neighbor, to your school friend, to your co-worker and share what you love most. Why you talk about the weather and everything else around it and not about the One who controls the weather. Why we talk about family and not about the One who has the idea of the family.

When we want, we shall GO. We are not ashamed of the Good News that came through Jesus CHrist.

Still there?


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