Principles, Methods and People

It is amazing how I understood that many of the things I had so strong in my opinions and beliefs were mostly methods than principles. I recall myself in the past arguments with fellow believers on things that were not essentials to our core value and we all did it with such a passion.

Jesus said the Sabath was created for the man and not the man for the Sabath.

That’s whay I need to see what I believe and practice based on what I read in the bible and not what I see other doing around me. I need to understand the value of the time where the writers lived and to see what is valuable and is true for today.

Jesus taught us principles and we teach methods.

Jesus said what to do, and we say how to do.

Jesus said why to do, and we say when to do.

WHy sometimes we tend to copy more the humans than the Creator. Paul said to his fellows: Imitate me, as I imitate Christ. SO he has been urging his fellow believers to test everything he was doing with the principles Christ has taught. He even said that if he would come with a different gospel, we should not believe him. He was saying that doesn;t mean if I’m used by God once and twice, than doesn;t qualify me for a permanent status as a spokeperson for God. Paul said test all spirits, and he include  himself and his teachings.

We need to be more and more aware on the fallibility of the human race. In our times we might see a form of outside godliness, but inside is worldly. How to recognize that? Sometimes we recognize so easy false and non scriptural teaching from the fellows at other denominations and churches.
What Paul said to his fellow elder in the last journey: “Beware, when I leave wolves will try to come in your midst and some of you will say unstable things.:
How to be so in love with your brethren and to discern anything that is not from the Spirit? How to say what is discern, in a spirit that doesn;t cause divisions?

I believe that our highest call is to love people and than to help them to understand God’s ways. We don;t want to mix those with each other. Whatever we do we need to remember that we are talking to God’s creation, those Christ died. We need to understand that not everyone was able to be taught under the same teaching we have been, so be slow to judge. We need to understand that we might have teachings that need to be unlearned.

Narrow is the way of life, but God is on our side. We don;t need to be afraid, we are finishing strong.


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