The same need, the same answer

While hearing stories from the Albanian Diaspora Forum in CHicago last week one thing stayed more than the rest with me: Albanians need attention.

It seems that we as people have been suffering for a long time under other supremacies and it seems that many of my countrimen who immigrate at these supremacies lands have found themselves a bit comfortable under other civilizations but in the same time longing for the missing links left in the mother land. In Albania they felt as someone, in immigration they felt as something.  Although this is not always true, many sincere confessions tell us that we all need to be appreciated, have attention and over all LOVED.

How to deal with this need of others when you have the same need: missing the good things left behind, missing the appreciation of your long term friends.

I believe LOVE is the answer. We need love, they need love. Who has it, let him share it and will be increased within him/her. I need love, I need real love. I need His love in you.


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