Jesus and Samaritan woman at the well

John 4:7  there cometh a woman out of Samaria to draw water. Jesus saith to her, `Give me to drink;’

All disciples were amazed when they returned from the “supermarket” and saw their Rabbi talking with a strange, Samaritan woman – alone. None could speak to her group, but their Rabbi is challenging them again in their thinking.

Jesus started a conversation with the woman with a simple request, Give me to drink. He knew that God has something to do with this woman,  with her countrymen and with the rest of those who will believe in Him. He is interested to reach those who are unreached, because of the dividing walls. Walls we all have build from ignorance and fear of the other group. For the sake of the gospel Jesus and later his followers (Peter, Paul, Philip, etc) broke the rules of the society which were considered holy or unbreakable. For the sake of the Gospel Paul said that I will be like one of them.
Give me to drink. A normal request which opened the door to reach this woman. The Holy Spirit revealed Jesus who this woman is and what this woman did. He was not moved from the woman past, he was moved from compassion.
How to reach Albanians who have left their countries living in a strange land with a different language and striving to have a better life. They are after water but what this world is offering is a water that never satisfies.
We have a water that has satisfied us and we need to let this water go, meeting others needs.
Living waters.
Better to give.
At the crossroads waiting for the stranger who speaks ALBANIAN.


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