One at a time

There is power in the number ONE.
The main difference between the one and the rest of the numbers is that number is the closest to zero, but has overcome it. Sometimes having 0 cent and 1 cent doesn’t make any difference, but when you buy something if youhave one cent less, you are missing something that makes you and the cashier happy.

Jesus said that the good shepherd leaves 99 sheep to go after the one who left the group, the one that is lost. Still echoes in my ears the words of brother Steve who said: If I hear that an Albanian believer comes near where I leave I will go and meet him within a week – it is so precious to have an Albanian brother in US.

It is easier to have nr 2 and 3 and 100, but you need to have nr 1 first. So you need to start with nr 1. Reaching one Albanian. Not because this one have connections, but this one is precious in God’s eyes.

We need to connect with all Albanians who already have made a decision to follow Christ and have fellowship with them, at least in the Spirit -sometimes the distance doesn’t allow us to be physically in contact. By our hearts are connected. That’s a family. That is what those who don;t believe yet the message of the cross are looking for: a real family who cares for each other.

Years ago when curches in my city were not really communicationg with each other (in fact the root and example were the pastors) I asked one of my friends who was a pastor: how you expect to love a stranger in the street who doesn’t believe in God, when you don;t love your fellow pastor who somehow has hurt-ed you. Is not he same love that God has shed in our hearts-to love the sinner and to love the brother? Why is so difficult to love someone who has some differences with you in theology, but easier to love someone else who doesn;t love God at all?
What is easier to say: I love my brother or I love a stranger?
Whom is easier to forgive: your brother or a stranger?

I believe that when we are able to solve the problem of reaching towards our brothers, we always will have a problem reaching those who are not part of the family.

One at a time! Reach one brother, reach one stranger.


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