Unexpected workers

While I’m preparing to have services in Albanian, I need people to help me doing needed tasks to run a good service. It’s only me or also others see a procrastination to be involved on something they you say that you want to?

Today I was thinking while Jesus said to his disciples: Pray to the Father that He might send workers in His harvest.

Why I need to pray to the owner of the Harvest that He can send workers in HIS harvest?
I’m one of the workers and why I need to pray for other to join me, is not God who calls them or..?

Surely I’m dependent on those people that I have expecations to help me in the ministry-disciples, those who can help and promised that will be with you.

Now I have expectations that the workers that Father will sent are those I know.

Is it possible that when I pray, He sends other workers.

What happens if I don;t fit with them and they with me? DO I need to like all workers that Father sends? How can I distinguish His workers from other workers?

Lord I pray, Please send your workers in YOUR harvest. Amen!


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