Reaching them….

While I was meditating about the “reaching” word occured to me that it is an action word, a word that that has no ending, but it is continuous.

Reaching Albanians…
They might have gone so far mingled with other lost people, but they can be found. They will not come suddenly in front of our lives and say: hey I’m Albanian, do you have something important to say? Do you think that this is the way how Albanians will find you? I believe not.

They might be blind and can’t see the light, so they need someone to find them first in their darkness and to lead them to the light.
They may have left Albania, but can we as Albanian Christians leave them alone – without God?

Reaching them….
It seems to me that you try a bit harder, to reach deeper and further, further, maybe somewhere that none have entered before.

What about girls that have been sold as prostitutes? How they can be reached? Can they trust to another Albanian if their lover has sold them?
What about gang members around the world, do I care enough besides saying how bad Albanians behave taking bad news spots?

Years ago I begun reflecting on the methods we chose to find the will of God for our ministry. To me it is still a mistery, how God calls people and when He doesn’t call them, but still they go in their might.
But somehow I’ve been uncomfortable with these statements from some church leaders who told me as friends, so they were telling their truth:
“I’m not bothered to go to Berat and mess up with Jehovah Witnesses, they are so hard to talk to”
“God hasn’t called me and the church I lead to reach dark-skinned people (Roma and Egyptians)”
“I’m called only to reach intelectuals”

Is it possible that what these people and others (including me) consider calling something that is comfortable to do? If that is so, what about other christians in the past or now who have done very difficult things, but they did it for God?

Reaching Albanians….
We go to the lost sheep that we love. We take care for those who are close to our hearts, not numbers.
It seems to me that we need to let God love to guide us to reach the neighbors who need God and we might be an answer for them.

Reaching Albanians…with God’s love shed in our hearts….denying our preferences…..prayerfully


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