public transport stories

Today in the morning I had three experiences while traveling with the public transport.

Firstly in the first bus I heard a ladys’ voice in the back of the bus speaking to someone in Albanian. Thinking to turn my head to see who is Albanian there, I didn;t.

Later in the bus stop I heard another conversation in Albanian between a mother and her son. Thinking to smile to them to say that I’m Albanian too, I didn;t.

Then in the subway. When I entered I saw a girl covering her nose  and very soon I understood, it was a homeless man there that was smelling so terribly I moved in the end of the wagon. I didn;t bothered to see who the man is and if I could help him with anything. I just could’t stand nearby that person, only because of the smell.

Later I was reflecting if I did the right thing at the three occassions. In a conversation I had today with a pastor he mentioned a story where a church planter asked God to do whatever He wanted. While having lunch with a prospective donor, GOd told him to tell to the men sitting next to his table that his wife was cheating on him, and he should know. Even he had some confirmations to do that he refused. He couldn’t do anything God asked.

Can I do everything God asks? Do I want to? Where is the hindrance of my obedience? Do I care enough for people that I can do something that is unusual for me?

Am I looking for answers or I’m justifying my actions?

These were my thoughts while I was traveling with the public transport.


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