Gospel for Christians

While I watched an interesting video on how our lives are exposed online, I was thinking how God knows our thoughts. Imagine God who has all our thoughts in a super  drive in the cloud. I will be embarrased if everyone will have access to all my thoughts folder. It seems that I’m more comfortable with the gracious God, but not with less-gracious people. This reminds me of a story I heard years ago about a lady who was stealing money from the church for some reason. She prayed: “Thank you God that none caught me doing that”. I’m sure that none of you have saud theat prayer, but maybe you have been like me sometimes when I did something I should’t and none was there… except God.

I suppose that we as Christians might forget the purpose of His grace and we need to be reminded continually. Imagine of Jesus would come in our time and teach in our churches, what would He say to all of us? What we will say back to him?

I just have a sense that not always His words will be comfortable, but I’m sure that they are comforting.

That’s the gospel I’m thinking now: a Gospel for Christians – an uncomfortable comforting message. A Gospel that doesn;t make Christians think that they are doing what they can, but without judging them. A Gospel that shows what can be done and how to do it better. A Gospel that is done in the name of Christ and only for His sake.


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