Do we need ethnic churches in a multicultural contex?

More I speak about the Albanian church more increases my conviction that it is and will be a need for ethnic churches in Canada. When I say ethnic I mean a group of people with the same language or customs, culturally similar.

Why I think like that? We have Chinese, Tibetian, Japanese, Greek restaurants. They have a different food that other places. They don;t try to be Turkish, Mongolian, or Indian. They are unique, in taste, type of cooking. We don;t have problem with that.

I don;t think we need to have a problem with ethnic churches. When I say that I don;t think opposing it, but supporting it. Last week while I was able to share at a seminar at Mission Fest about Diaspora Engagement on Local Engagement. Image

I’ve heard by some of participants that they have difficulty with English even living in Canada for many years. SO what they prefer, a church in their language.

Even when the 1.5 generation has less need for their parents language they will be new immigrants every year who will land in Canada. They need a place they feel more comfortable. Most of immigrant come from mono-cultures and they have another type of shock when they see all kinds of people and hear various languages in the streets. They need a place where they feel not an immigrant. As one of our church members said: ” When I’m at a Canadian church I’m a guest, but when I’m at the Albanian church I feel Home”

Please think about that.


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