A smile is good until it smells

I work in a administrative/reception area. A lot of people coming in and out. Some are very polite and smiling, other not. WIth unknown people I prefer a lot smiling, but when I know them more, smiling can become a problem.

Why do you think? I believe smiling was invented to offer a positive endorsement to others. It’s a physical expression of something beautiful you have inside for the person. That’s why I can;t smile to every girl in the street, because it is intended to say something without words.

For sometimes I’ve been very observant of people who smile and I think that I can see most of the times when they really smile at me (or others) or pay “lips service”.

Have you heard this expression “so nice to see you again” ? Is it familiar to you? Mostly you do it or receive it?

Is this something church greeters or the pastor are good about? I know from my experience and training I have received specially here in Canada as a church greeter.

Things changed dramatically when I found out that “so nice to see you” is a repeated cliché that must be said to make people happy or welcomed. In itself is not bad, but without the support of other meaningful actions, it smells. I’m using this strong word not to offend those who are sincere loving and welcoming.

I want to say that if we don;t care well for people don;t behave like they are our best friends.

Many of my friends know an example I use in this context. I’m sharing that with you now. SInce I’ve been a real christian I never miss Sunday gatherings. WHen we came in Canada, the third day was SUnday and we didn’t go to any church service but went to be with our cousins who invited us for lunch. ANd then the same good routine, every Sunday at the church service, even when I felt that was not doing anything there. When our family was going through some challenges that all immigrants go through happened to be in the same time when we needed to sacrifice to be in church meetings. So I begun missing some of the Sundays and when going back next week, I could hear always this sentence: ” We missed you last Sunday”. When this happened many times, once I turned with another question: ” If you missed me so much, why didn’t you call me during the week, to ask how we are doing as a family? ” I said this to one of my dear friends in the church, not to someone I didnt like.

My point is this, if we like people so much we need to do more than smiling when they come to the church door. I believe that if we need to make a real impact to real people who can find easily any sign of hypocrisy in our midst, we need to be prepared to change our welcoming attitude and be real.

Do you get my point? Let me know if this blessed you or disturbed you, or if you want to elaborate more what I wrote here.


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