Heart for the lost and Heart for the church

While I was praying today for harvest workers in Canada as now has become a norm at 10:02 in the morning, I let the Holy Spirit to lead my prayer. This is not my first time doing that, but I have found myself praying with “full knowledge” what I’m asking the Father. 

I was praying for workers with character and gifts operating in their lives. And then I prayed the usual “that they have a heart for the lost”. Immediately after that I prayed “and a heart for the church”. That made me to ponder! 

Workers with a heart for the lost and a heart for the church. Can they have both? Evangelists and street preachers who love the church, and pastors/teachers who love the lost people in the street. The first type have the urgency to preach the Gospel to everyone in no time and many times call the church as the lukewarm ones. Sometimes they don;t ask how believers are, but why they are not in the streets. Sometimes they can judge so easily the church for not doing well the evangelistic work. And sometimes they are right.

The second type love to do everything within walls-church, homes, hospital, etc. They like activities, programs, lessons – weekly. They feel that teaching Christians, taking care of them is the most important and sometimes they see this as a type of evangelism. When someone new comes at the church door, they are nice, take care of them. If they don;t come, then there are activities, BBQ and when people show up, we are nice to them. This is good and has worked in some degrees. 

What I took from prayer today is that may God raise up people who have a heart for both lost and the saved. People who are not comfortable staying every week in the pews when Canadians are going to hell everyday. And people who love the church with all the impurities, ready to give life for this church. Like Jesus!

Can you pray the same prayer with me?


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