Leaving your work undone

 It is fascinating to me the story about Philip. One of the deacons who preached the Gospel in Samaria. God worked with him doing healing and deliverance. It was a great joy in the city. People got the good news. Apostles came and prayed for the converts that they might receive the Holy Spirit. What happened to Philip it was such a good surprise and confirmation for his calling as an evangelist. In Judea the persecution has scattered the believers and here God was with Philip. 

What a relief! God is with me. I can see Him changing the hearts of men. Hundreds and hundreds of men. I don;t know what Philip have thought, but I know what I would have thought with my current mindset. “Great Lord, let’s build some tents here and preserve your presence, your work. Let’s start now a discipleship program and a humanitarian one as we had in Jerusalem. Now that we have people, let’s do ……”


But to my surprise God told Philip to go in another direction. He went walking until he met another type of man, the Ethiopian eunuch. From the multitudes of Samaria, to a single man. But as we both know this single man was searching the Scriptures and had hunger for the truth. He got the message, asked to be baptised and when Philip made his plans to disciple the new convert, he was taken by the Spirit. The new convert went on his way without having another one to explain more of the Gospel. God took the only one and sent somewhere else. 

This makes me thinking why so quick God took Philip from both Samaritans and the eunuch? Is this because he was an evangelist and that’s his calling, to preach the gospel and have converts? Maybe.

Am I ready to leave something that has started, to start something else? 

Do I feel so responsible for what I have in my hands, so I can;t let it go, even God speaks to me?

I’m closing with this thought: if God starts something, he can continue even without using the original starters. It is His church!


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