Relevant Gospel?

How relevant is your church? Have you been asked directly or indirectly? Always the information received what is happening on someone else yard, makes me to rethink what I am doing. I rejoice on the stories where an unreached group of people is coming to know Christ. Or a new church is having “explosion” with the number attending. Sometimes those stories encourage me and sometimes not. Sometimes I feel that I’m not doing enough. Sometimes I feel how relevant I am to the culture I’m living with.

I want to change, for good. I pray God that I have always two things: an open mind and discerning of spirits. Just in case. Sometimes I frustrate on the idea how to do certain things and why to do it. Having a band of musicians will solve the problem or a better PA system. What I can say and what I can;t? How much I’m allowed to offend sinners with my preaching? Or church attendants?

I aim to be a Gospel Centered preacher, someone who is offering the gift of forgiveness from God to the lost people. I want to tell them, that apart of God all are lost. I want to tell that attending a church service doesn;t save or sanctify anyone. I want to tell that singing contemporary Christian songs with great singers with never replace the worship of their heart-the thing God wants. How to tell that without pressing the “offending” button? Specially when traveling Christians or polite Canadians are so used to be kind to each other, saying sorry even is nothing to say sorry. 

SO in the end I believe that the Gospel is Relevant to this generation, while telling the same story of Redemption to sinful people. Basically is the SIN who separates people from the Creator. And the story of SIN has an important section in the overall story. I’m telling to this generation that their sin is not sweeter than the sin of others, but has the same consequences. And the only remedy is repenting and trusting the Lord Jesus with all their hearts. Pray for me to be true to the preaching of the Gospel in this Relevant generation.


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