15 things you need to know as a church planter (or a future one)

contruction workersI liked what Perry Noble said so I’m writing down what he said: (all credit goes to him)

#1—Everyone will not understand you … so stop trying to explain yourself. Cast vision … and move forward!

#2—Everyone will not like you … so stop trying to be popular.

#3—You don’t have to be the person who actually solves every problem. Admit you are not the smartest person, and let your experts be your experts.

#4—Spend way more time talking about who you are rather than who you are not.

#5—A leader is always an easy target because they are … a leader. So, get over yourself and get on with what God called you to do!

#6—When the Holy Spirit presses something into your heart … don’t ignore Him.

#7—Do not expect God’s next step to make sense.

#8—You can’t plan a move of God … but you must be prepared for one!

#9—Do not resist something just because you do not understand it!

#10—People who claim you “are not deep enough” are obsessed with information but have no desire to live out transformation.

#11—You don’t need to listen to everybody … but you had better be listening to somebody because God didn’t ask you to take this journey alone.

#12—Never apologize for asking people to commit to something. Jesus didn’t!

#13—The church has been underachieving for way too long … so dreambig and don’t apologize for it.

#14—There will be days when you want to quit. Don’t. Jesus didn’t!(Remember … DON’T GIVE UP … if you are discouraged, take a second and read this!)

#15—The Gospel Changes Lives … PREACH Every Sermon Like It’s Your Last!!!


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