Events’ church vs church with events

Lately I’ve had some reflections regarding what type of church God wants to build in this generation. I’m in a season of learning and listening what He wants me and us to do in this time. I understand that every generation has an opportunity to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a different way than other generations. My question is in what scale is different? Does always the current culture affects the culture of the church or we need to bring the Gospel culture that will transform the generation.

One of the things that God is continuing to speak in my heart is to focus more in discipleship and less in church meetings. So this summer this is what I will experiment doing: less meetings and more discipleship time together. 

Instead of weekly Sunday meeting we will have a monthly gathering where believers will come together to worship, take Lord’s Supper, receive encouragement and teaching, pray and fellowship. This event will serve to invite seekers who are looking what this community is about. Having an event once a month will help us to concentrate our time, efforts and skills in a way that can have better results for the investment. 

Having a discipleship oriented church will help us to increase the number of servant leaders and the multitude ways of serving to the community. If all our effort is focused at an event, then during an event everything happens within that weekly geographical area – usually within four walls. When our efforts are on reaching others for Christ then everyone who wants is involved. Everyone who wants can explore what giftings God has given and see results that might not be explored during the event oriented church.

I live in a big city as Toronto and people we have reached until now are spread all around. If we ask them to invest their time only coming at a church event that is far to them, we multiply 3 times the time given for the event -only by adding the driving time. In a discipleship oriented church, disciples reach people in their neighborhood, driving less and serving more. 

You might ask: If you are meeting once a month how people will be fed with the word of God?

Good question, and I will try to give the best answer I can in this time. 

First, in our time people who are hungry for God, feed themselves with more than the sermon during Sunday. Pastor I assure you that believers in your church read, listen and watch other preachers too 🙂

Secondly, with the current technology it is possible to feed the congregation daily (not only weekly). If you need ideas how to do that, wait for my next post or write to me.

Thirdly, having less events in the church doesn;t mean, having no meetings or time with people at all. People can meet regularly with those nearby: home, school, working place. This will create the opportunity for more leaders to be homegrown. I remember that I preached as a very young believer in a very young age and my first sermons were not always honey. Trust in the people God has brought in the church and help them grow.

Fourth, maybe it’s time to review the role of the pastor/leader. In some churches pastors invest more in preparing a good sermon than feeding the sheep. If I have a big family and will cook the same thing for lunch or dinner, doesn’t mean that all can eat it and we know that the rest of the food usually is eaten individually. Feeding the sheep sometimes is preparing special food for those who are young, feeble, sick or old. That requires a good knowledge of their current situation and that requires time. So this role might require less time alone working in the office and more time outside meeting people.

that’s all for the moment, but I will appreciate your comments on this topic. Keep doing the work of God, even when it is without visible results. God is working with every seed sown. 


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