calling and preparation -baby comparisson

Today as I was walking on the not so busy streets. almost reaching at the office I was exchanged with two individuals that inspired me to write this post. The first was a girl sitting in front of the exit door of subway train with something written holding with her hands. It was a page long writing and I didn’t had time to read, knowing that whatever story she had she was there to get some money. Somehow I avoided not walking by her althought she was looking at another direction. She was young, but was very visible that streets were her home. I was feeling sorry for her and for myself as I was leaving her behind. For her because of her condition, for me because I didn;t want to give money, but I felt a need to help her.From past experiences where form quick conversations they look only for money, I didn;t make time to sit and ask her more about of her situation. I had excuses: i don;t want to talk one 2 one to a young lady, I didn;t want to give money like that, I had planned my day to do some work in the office,….  

while thinking about this situation, another figure came in the front of me. a tall man in shorts wearing a black t-shirt with the stamp “motorhead” he loooooooked at me and I looked at him for s second. I didn;t want to do anything with a heavymetal fan. then I felt sad again. Another person came by me, different than me, not smiling, but I’m sure with real needs. 

I entered in the office thinking about myself and those two people. Quickly I reminded myself of a conversation I had with a pastor in Albania while talking about dark skinned people in the church. One third of the church I was part of were dark skinned, but the other church didn;t had any (as far I can remember). The conversation was about if God has called a particular church to reach a particular group of people or is a preference of the leaders who feel more easy in a certain group of people. 

thinking about that long time conversation and the today’s reflection I was thinking that although God might have a part on reaching particular groups, my personal believe is that in general churches need to reach everyone. Our challenge is:  do we want to reach everyone? We are selective in ourselves regarding with group of people we are more comfortable and more convenient. I’m guilty of that myself, so I’m not pointing any finger to anyone. 

And then “Eureka!” I had an idea. Maybe all of this frustration we have reaching to other people is regarding PREPARATION. When a family is expecting a boy-buying all boy clothes, boy’s bed etc, it would be a disappointment to compare with a family who don;t know what gender the baby is. The second ones are waiting for the baby first and then buy appropriately. And as all parents we are expecting for a healthy baby, a baby that looks cute (although they all look somehow cute 🙂 no one is expecting a praying that their baby will come with some kind of disability. Why? Because firstly we need to be proud with what this baby will do in the future and secondly we know that a child with disabilities will require so much more efforts from us as parents. 

What if we do somethign similar with people who need God? We would like to have professionals, goodlooking gals, stable families to come ans join the churches, but sometimes is so difficult to go the the “different one”. 

what if they dress differently, speak another language, have a strong English accent, need more help than just a Sunday service, etc etc.

what if they have been abused and they are terrified by other people who smile politely -reminding them their abusers?

what if they are new immigrants terrified of the idea that their skills will not be recognized and they will end doing all kinds of jobs for survival-just to give their kids a better future?

Do I like them to be part of the faith family? Do you?

If you said yes, then be prepared-baby is on the way and you don;t know yet if it is a boy or a girl.


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