please be a bilingual Christian!

Bilingual? What are you talking about? Why do I need to be bilingual?

Although it is important to know another language, specially if you intent to reach for Christ that specific group, that was not my intention in this article. 

I wanted to bring to your attention the need control our vocabulary when we talk to various groups of people. As Christians we are in contact in our daily life with Christians and non-Christians, whether we are intentionally in mission or just buying groceries. 

In my earlier life as a new christian I tent to use a lot of Biblical words and expressions in the conversations. It looked to me that I was making the conversations “holier” and bring always in discussion the topic of God. Sometimes that was good, sometimes was not. 

Last month I was asked by the only Albanian newspaper in Canada to express my wishes for the Albanian Muslim community. They know me as the Evangelist Pastor so they asked that in the same way they did to Catholics and Orthodox. My first reaction was “no way”, but I didn;t say anything for three days. For the first time as a Chrisitian and minister I thought how I can bless Muslims in a way that is sincere and speak truth. Mostly I was not concerned on what Muslims will say, but what my family in Christ. I would understand them, if they will look suspiciously on me, if I was doing the role of the heretic. So I wrote something like that in my name: ” As the Albanian Muslim community in Toronto is being prepared fo the month of Ramadan, I wish for each one of you to enter in this season of commitment seeking God and seeking to do what pleases Him. For all of them who will be in fasting, let them do it with joy honoring God, avoiding any superficial worship. Whoever seeks the Creator with all the heart, surely He will appear to him one day. We pray that your spiritual experience you will go through will remember all your life as a believer” 

Why I wrote that? I I will not write anything the newspaper will see in me someone who doesn’t want to be part of the community. If I write I might be misunderstood. I remembered Jesus when he was asked if they should pay taxes to the emperor. Or Paul talking to the Athenians regarding the unknown God they worship. In my wishes I expect that my God will touch those who are really seeking Him. Also my message was more intentional to the real seekers, to compare with other general wishes given by others.

This is what I believe is bilingualism: to be able to share the same message to different groups of people without using the same words. People around us are in various steps of the journey towards the truth. We need to figure out where they are to help them go where they should. and our words are very crucial opening or closing doors. We are the messengers and we need to be careful to offer the right message to the right person at the right moment. That’s gold!

So if you are staying more with Christians, move out and make new friends who don;t believe what you do. Test your vocabulary! How well you do giving message without Sunday meeting clishes?

If you are in a situation that you don;t have christian friends then it’s time to make some. Otherwise all your talk and lifestyle will be so similar with the world. 

Let me know what do you think on this topic!


One thought on “please be a bilingual Christian!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Endrit. As a christian living in the Middle East and surrounded mostly by non-christian (workplace), your article spoke a lot to me. Filled with Truth. It is not possible to live the christian life alone nor isolated.


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