Church planting in uncharted territory

go and make disciplesWhen Jesus told his disciples GO, they didn;t had manuals on the church planting, even they didn;t had church models except one: the church that gates of hell cannot conquer. SO they went and plant churches that had different flavor even in practices. Churches in Judea were different that those in the midst of Greeks. The first disciples went following the first persecution all over the world being afraid of their lives, but wherever they went they preached and churches were organized. What I believe they had was a personal revelation of the living Jesus and an obligation to share Him with everyone.

Never in the history the church was perfect, but the church has been growing all over the world. And the history continues. Today we face the same dilemma in a place where church building are all over the city, but majority of Torontians have no high respect for the Word of God. The city has embraced all forms of worship in the name of equality for all. But the main god people worship is “ME”. Everything is about ME.

How we tell this generation about the revelation of God in a way they will be impacted and changed? I believe there are as many ways as are types of people in this huge community. The same message is given completely different to a CEO and to a homeless in the street, to a succesful woman and to a broken divorced teen, to an immigrant from South America and to a Middle Eastern man. And most of the times we don;t know how to be so close to them in a way that the gospel in us touches them profoundly. But as in the times of the early church we must GO – believing that God is working with us and He always makes a way and gives a strategy even in an unknown territory.
Pray to God, trust God and work with God.


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