Did you know that…..


  • In 2011, Canada had a foreign-born population of about 6,775,800 people? They represented 20.6% of the total population, the highest proportion among the G8 Germany (13.0% in 2010) and the United States (12.9% in 2010).

  • Between 2006 and 2011, around 1,162,900 foreign-born people immigrated to Canada? These recent immigrants made up 17.2% of the foreign-born population and 3.5% of the total population in Canada.

  • Of Canada’s 6.8 million immigrants in 2011, 91.0% lived in one of Canada’s 33 census metropolitan areas (CMAs), compared with 63.3% of people who were born in Canada? About 2,537,400 immigrants lived in Toronto in 2011; they accounted for 46.0% of Toronto’s total population, up slightly from 45.7% in 2006. Of all immigrants in Ontario, 7 out of 10 lived in Toronto.
  • More than 200 ethnic origins were reported in the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS). In 2011? 13 different ethnic origins had surpassed the 1-million mark. In 2011, 57.9% of the population reported having mono-ethnic origin and the rest, 42.1%, reported more than one origin.

  • Nearly 6,264,800 people identified themselves as a member of a visible minority group? They represented 19.1% of the total population. Of these visible minorities, 30.9% were born in Canada and 65.1% were born outside the country and came to live in Canada as immigrants. A small proportion (4.0%) of the visible minority population was non-permanent residents.

  • 72.8% of the immigrant population reported a mother tongue other than English or French? 
  • Slightly over 1 million individuals identified themselves as Muslim, representing 3.2% of the nation’s total population? Hindus represented 1.5%, Sikhs 1.4%, Buddhists 1.1% and Jewish 1.0%.
  • More than 7.8 million people, nearly one-quarter of the population (23.9%), had no religious affiliation?
  • Albanians are less than 50,000, are not a visible minority, they don;t exist at many stats documents, but God has a plan for EVERY ALBANIAN in Canada.

Information taken from Statistics Canada, inspiration taken from the desire to see as many people in Canada reached with the Gospel


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