What is useful to God?

UsefulToGodLast night my family joined another family friend of ours to watch the movie: “Heaven is for real”. Our friends are in various journeys regarding faith-not yet born again, so we were surprised when they invited us to watch this movie at their home. Time by time all of them interrupted the silence by commenting on something that was said there. When the movie ended I challenged them thinking that if God is real, heaven is real and hell is real -then you can;t leave this without a thoughtful response. We left knowing that something has happened to our friends.

Can God use a movie to make people believe in Him?

Last week another Albanian while wondering at Eaton Center shops, watched a performer standing on the air with only a rod on his right hand. She was amazed that was happening in the front of her eyes while she never believed in the supernatural. She read the bible, but it was just a book and difficult to believe that the stories there really happened. So she was watching this man defying the gravity and the thought came: if this man can do that, then is possible that another man (Jesus) could walk on waters. The revelation struck her, so when she saw me 2 days ago, she wanted to explain what happened. She could believe now.

Can God use a creepy performer to make someone to believe in Jesus?

Another friend of mine, while doubting the existence of God he asked for a sign. It was midnight and his room is facing the hill. All was dark. Nothing moves in his town during the nights. And he asked for a sign, if God was real, He needed to bright all his room. Crazy prayer! What happened was then very quickly a car was coming from a village nearby and the long lights for a second were directed at his windows. His room was bright! In a second my friend bowed down and accepted the lordship of God in his life.

Can God use a car in middle of the night to make someone believe in him?

Remember in the bible how Abraham’s servant prayed to find the right girl for Isaac. Or Gideon who was not sure if God has really called him. What about the donkey who spoke to Balaam?

What about you? Did you prayed for a sign or confirmation prior deciding FOR God? Maybe Yes and maybe no. Surely there are lying signs and there are lying miracles, but counterfeit signs and wonders tell me that  exist the real ones. 

History of the church had witnessed how people have come to acknowledge the existence of God and how many times Christians have fought over the appropriate methods that God can use to reach people. Paul said that he will be a Jew for the Jews and a Greek for the Greeks -that he might win some. A challenge that we might face is that because ourselves or other people have been reached by a certain way, it is difficult to believe that God can reach others differently. 

I believe in an awesome God. People have become believers in a sad moment or a very happy moment. They have seen a miracle, a sign or someone killed for the name of Jesus. They have received a leaflet at their door, an invitation for a service or BBQ. They attended a wedding or funeral, lost a family member or a baby arrived in the family. A scientist trying to disprove God or a child who prayed for a gift. Can can use all these as an environment to grow the seed planted in the eprson’s heart -His Word which gives fruit in the due time.

While Jesus was entering in Jerusalem, people begun shouting Hossana, but the religious leaders tried to shut them down. Jesus said that if they will stop shouting, the stones will shout for Him. Is that possible? If Jesus said it, it is possible. 

Do we want to wait for God to do everything Himself or do we want to join him in this adventure? Do we want to stay silent, that God might use stones for his glory? 

I believe that He is looking for people who are ready to say: “Here am I God, use me, send me”. You and I are useful to him.


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