Creativity needed in Outreach

man with shieldI remember the times where I was very skeptic to buy online. Now I do that all the time. And I like deals like Groupon or cheap at eBay. Something I like too is to shop for new things either online or at shops. Always I see things that I never knew existed. Sometimes might be an updated version of a product but with a better packaging or interesting add-ons.

I was thinking that many time people like me with an open mind are shopping for new things. And we don;t know what is there, sometimes we never know that such a product exists.

How about we see outreach in the same way? I like old methods, but I like more the updated ones, and new ones -those none have done before. I’m thankful to what other did before reaching other generations, even reaching me, but today is a new market of lost souls who are trained differently and their brains work differently. Their working spots are different, their time too.

I like printed leaflet delivered at the street, but now most people are on facebook.

I like using meghaphone in the streets, but most people go through with headphones stuck in their ears.

I like inviting people back to church, but it is a devastating number of them that never been there.

I like people reminding 10 commandments, but many of them don’t consider Bible trustworthy.

That why I believe in every season, generation the Holy Spirit gives ideas HOW to do WHAT Jesus asked us to do. That’s why the older generation needs to listen to the younger one and the younger to the youngest.

Some ideas:

1-go out and observe what normally people do. Find venues where Gospel can flow easily with what people normally do.

2-listen to people and understand which door in their life might be open for a Gospel redemption.

3-be bold, try, risk. the best way to see if the idea works is to do it. Be ready to modify and see where that works. Don;t throw it altogether if problems arise. Polish it.

4-don;t give up. the enemy will try his best at the beggining to discourage you, talking to your ears that this will not work. Shut him down by doing what you need to do. Praise the Lord, even when you don;t feel it.

5-don;t forget to love people. they are not your enemies. Whatever idea comes in your mind, check if you will love people while doing the idea.

God is with you as you GO! (Mathew 28:20)


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