I have a dream!

i_have_a_dream_v_2_by_pixel_ified-d4es703Yes! and it has various corners and halls, and tunnels. But I have a dream. Sometimes my dreams have been encouraged, other time smiled at and other times requested to be detailed in plans.

I have a dream to see the gospel reach the hearts of hungry souls, the gospel that is so risky that many have diminished at “ask Jesus to come to your heart” gospel. A gospel that goes as a magnet where people are looking for the real God to show. The real God, outside the walls of old churches or glasses of contemporary ones. The God who still heals today, not only through doctors. The God who still delivers people from all forms of demonic bondages. The God who cares for the weak and who criticizes the religion without life.

I have a dream which I see with open eyes. My dream has no legs, it is with me. It gives color to grey pictures and makes other colorful ones – black and white.

I have a dream to see the Albanian nation crying to God for His mercy and not for His free blessings. A dream to see Albanian churches all over the known world, not only to gather Albanians, but to bless other nations too. A dream …

One part of my dream is to see the church in Canada to be real and flourishing. A church with people who love so much that they tell the truth, even when it is not so nice. A church united around Jesus, loving Jesus, loving His people.

I have a dream! Do you have one? Tell me about it!


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