On Jesus list

This month I participated at an event and later one of the participants who somehow got a list of names and contact numbers distributed the names on his list. While I was waiting for the contacts one of my new friends told me that the list was distributed, it seemed I was the only one not receiving it – the one left behind.

THen he forwarded me the informative email with this subject: “Maybe they have forgoten to put your name in this list, but you are on Jesus list” It was a blessings and a thoughtful moment. On Jesus list.
Does Jesus has a list of names?

I know that he hold the Book of Life in his hands. THat;s the book I believe my name is written. That’s the list I want to be recognized.

TO tell the truth I was not happy not having my name in this 28 persons list, not angry with anyone because I reasoned and found some excuses why my name was missing there. We as humans have the tedency to recognize and be recognized. We love to be on the first row, to hear our names praised fro the things we have done, specially when we give money somewhere the recipients are so thankful (to compare with the times when you give other things)

On Jesus list.
My name in His list.
My deeds in His list.
My thoughts in His list.
My faith actions in His list.

My sins on his list   no His blood washed them away, I’m guilt free.

How many things and names are on Jesus list?
The name of my real friends.
THe names of those He died for and are still in devil’s net.

what else?


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