My daughter as she said good night wished me: “Daddy i wish you have a baby in your tummy!” I asked her twice what she was saying. She said the same. I was surprised and said this is impossible. She replied back: “But you can ask God and everything is possible for Him”

My daughter always brings to me in a situation where I need to think and find out if God has said something on that particulr topic that she asks for. She asks about animals in heaven, would we have wings in heaven, are we walking or flying in heaven. I wish in the church people ask like my daughter. SOmetimes where adults ask they don;t do it because of their lack of knowlege but of lack of faith.

Let go back to the todays conversation. She told me: You can ask God and he will give you the possibility to have children from your tummy.To her knowlege that was right, she was born out of my wife’s body and now it is my turn.

We all know (we adults) that God gave the priviledge, the responsibility and the possibility to the female to be conceived and be pregnant with the baby. But God is God of the impossible, can’t he do that too? Having a baby born out a male?
We know that a baby was born from a virgin girl and everyone in that time and today thinks that is impossible – only Christians belive that has happened.
God made the sun to stop in Joshua’s time, opened the sea and the river, made the donkey to speak and gave manna from heaven and water from the rock to His people. He made the man from the dust and the woman from his rib. He rose Jesus from the dead and puts His spirit within the one who believe. And the list can go on. Jesus healed the blind man, healed the paralyzed born man and brought Lazarus from the grave where he was buried 4 days earlier. So everything is possible for God and everything is possible for those who believe in God. He said ask and will be given. Pray in my name and My Father will give it to you. You don’t have because you don;t have….. so many wonderful promises. SO can I ask God to have a baby born of me???

I know that you have been smiling all along reading this article, maybe have;t read something like that before, but it is nothing wrong to ask questions.
So if God wants to do a sign and a baby to be born out of a man, would we believe it?

What’s the relations with the topic of the blog-to reach Albanians and a baby born out of a man ? The thing that I wanted to focus was the word IMPOSSIBLE

What we believe is possible and impossible to happen?
How much have we been shaped by the our church theories and history explanations?
Where we will base our strategy to reach Albanians, on the lessons learned, on apostles examples, Jesus commandments, our wishes, denominations objectives or current realities?

What it takes to turn the nation of Albanians completety towads God?
Is that possible?
Can I do something or waiting that God will do something?

What if we join the Impossible challenging team?


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