The second Albanian Diaspora Forum is approaching

2nd ADF! We are excited at the opportunity to gather together, hear from God’s Word, and partner together to start Bible-believing, Christ-honoring, self-replicating Albanian churches in the U.S., Canada, and beyond! 

Thanks to our hosts Armando and Mary Jane, who are doing a lot of the ground work on our behalf. We will also be helping them in any way we can to encourage their Albanian fellowship in Detroit. Please pray for this great event, for God’s glory! Romans 15:18-19.

I will be there hopefully with two other Albanians from the Albanian Church in Toronto. If you feel led by the Lord to support this event please do so. You can support us or/and help cover some the expenses for this 2 day event. Write to me at if you are looking for a donation. May God bless you richly!


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