How to help refugees and be pure?

Last year in a conference I asked one pastor who is helping refugees how he is supporting them specially when it is needed to be a guarantee for them. I asked that question knowing that a refugee often will use everything to get the residence papers. In a culture when honesty is not regarded as something to esteem highly, specially when that is related directly with your future, a pastor receives information from the refugee aplicant with data that might not be present in the application.

How to deal with that? I didn;t get a clear answer from the pastor I asked and always have avoided being involved with refugees, because although I want to help, I can’t join forces in that process. Until last week when a lady I know asked to help them with a document saying that they are members of the church I pastor. I asked to meet her husband and explain what we are and what I could do. The conversation at the McDonald table lasted for 2 hours until 11.30pm. The young man in the begining was interested on the opportunity to receive a letter as church member, but when I said that I can;t lie, he asked to discuss regarding his opinion/belief on God. It was an exellent opportunity to share the Gospel. When I parted I thought that althought he didn;t receive what he hoped for, he got an impression that there are some Christians that don;t lie and really believe in the Bible. I really believe that God will use that conversation to awake in this young man heart the need for a sincere relationship with God.

It is not easy to turn away those type of requests, but as Peter said to the lame man, “silver and gold I don;t have” we are offering Jesus to people who are looking for a better life without GOd;s perspective. Thanks for your prayers!


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